Sign Language and Deaf Culture Experiential Activities


SLCO Community Resources collaborated with the Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong to start the “Born to See” project, to train deaf instructors to use their own experience to build a series of knowledge transfer activities for different sectors of society, introducing concepts of Deaf Awareness and sign bilingualism in the activities to enhance public’s understanding towards the Deaf Community, sign language and sign bilingual development. We are now offering the following knowledge transfer activities:

Hong Kong Sign Language Experiential Class


Deaf teachers will teach participants basic vocabularies, conversational phrases and sentences in Hong Kong Sign Language and introduce methods to effectively communicate with the Deaf. Vocabulary and conversations specific to a certain industry or scenario can be taught upon request.

Deaf Culture Talk / Experiential Workshop


The workshop explains fun facts and myths about the Deaf Community and sign language. The activities enable participants to experience the daily life of the Deaf, clear up misunderstanding through direct interaction with the Deaf instructor, and understand the challenges faced by Deaf people in different daily scenarios.

The activities above can be held via zoom or face-to-face, and are suitable as part of the values education or a team building activity embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR). Content on the activities can be customized upon request.

If you are interested in collaborating with us,
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