Learn with Sign and Speech (LS2) – Sign Bilingual Vocabulary Learning Package

First learning package for Hong Kong Sign Language, Cantonese and English in Hong Kong

“Learn with Sign and Speech (LS2)” is a Sign Bilingual Vocabulary Learning Package aims not only to strengthen the oral language input to children, but also to utilize the iconic feature of sign language to provide lively and visualized context and gestural clues for children to better understand abstract concepts of words, enhancing their vocabulary memory and development.

  • No sign language prerequisites are required – parents and children who have no prior sign language knowledge can have fun using LS2

Making use of AR Technology: Scan matching cards with your device and the corresponding vocabulary video will pop up immediately.


A combination of ‘learning’ and ‘playing’ for parents and children.


Including 100 vocabularies with explanation in 3 languages (Cantonese, English and Hong Kong Sign Language) – you can always view them for unlimited times.


Marking vocabulary learned in the App to efficiently manage your learning progress.

Try the AR Scanning now

1. Download the free mobile app (IOS/Android)
2. Click ‘AR Mode’
3. Scan a card pair that you are interested in (please zoom the webpage to 200%)


Let’s see what will happen!