Sharing of Parents

Sharing of Parents of Deaf Children

This programme has been a great help. Previously, I was not able to communicate with my son as I did not know sign language. Even if there is something that he wants, I cannot give it to him as I do not understand him. He then began to learn sign language, starting from words like ‘father’ and ‘mother’. As we go to classes together, I have also learned how to sign, and this enables us to communicate and understand each other.”Mrs. Tam

By watching the lips movement and signing, he can now understand and produce speech. Even though he is learning sign language, it does not stop him from speaking. This programme advocates bilingualism – meaning the usage of both signed language and spoken language. Sign language not only helps him understand, but it also aids him in initiating speech.”Mrs. Chu

Ever since my daughter has joined the programme, her academic results have improved a lot. In the past few years, she could never write her numbers and alphabets properly, hence she could only rely on memorisation to fulfil the therapist’s requirement, which turned out to be inefficient for her. However, just a few months into the programme, she has a good grasp of the alphabets and her writing has improved. As sign language can reinforce one’s memory, learning efficiency has also increased. Now my daughter can express herself better, has improvement in cognitive development, and she is also a lot happier.”Mrs. Wong

I think the best gift for me is that I feel like walking with companions, there are people who understand what I am going through as they have been in similar situations.”Mrs. Chan

Sharing of Parents of Hearing Children

Once my daughter was crying as she was hungry, and my wife asked her to ‘wait’ in sign language, to which she actually stopped crying and mimicked the sign! It is incredible that we can communicate with infants at such a young age.”Mr. Ching

I have learned to engaging facial expressions and actions in story-telling. So when I read to my daughter, she is obviously a lot more interested and she even giggled with joy sometimes. This has given us both countless delightful and pleasant evenings that I will always cherish.”Mrs. Tang