To promote information accessibility and equal opportunities in our society, and increase the learning effectiveness of Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals, SLCO-CR provides professional sign interpretation services to different organisations, cooperations, schools and tertiary institutions. Our sign interpretation services covers a wide range of settings such as tertiary lectures, conferences, public activities, meetings, and consultations. Our interpreters are all selected under a set of strict skill tests to ensure the quality of sign interpretation services provided.

SLCO-CR interpreters are capable of interpreting in various discourses and settings. Please click on the labels to learn more.

Tertiary education programmes

  • We have a team of experienced tertiary education interpreters who are familiar with academic settings and are capable of interpreting in lectures using different languages of instruction. The team is also experienced in different learning activities such as lectures, tutorials, group discussions, presentations, field trips, and exchange activities.
  • SLCO-CR has been providing interpretation services in different tertiary institutions since September 2017 –
InstitutionProgramme / DepartmentCourse
The Education University of Hong KongTwo Bachelor of Education (Honours) ProgrammesAll courses
The Chinese University of Hong KongDepartment of Linguistics and Modern LanguagesAn undergraduate course, some courses in the Masters Programme
Caritas Institute of Higher EducationOne Higher Diploma ProgrammeSome of the courses
Caritas Institute of Community EducationOne Yi Jin Diplome ProgrammeAll courses

If you would like to arrange sign interpretation services in the programmes in your tertiary institution or organisation, please contact us for further details.

New Senior Secondary Curriculum Applied Learning Courses

  • Applied Learning (ApL) Courses are categorized as the elective courses in the New Senior Secondary Curriculum. These courses are more practical and vocation-oriented. Students taking ApL courses learn different skills and knowledge in the class to equip themselves for future careers or further education.
  • These courses are offered by different tertiary institutions, and the operating funds are provided by the government.
  • The total lesson hours of each ApL course is about 180-240 hours. Students take these courses during F.5 and the first semester in F.6.
  • Since October 2017, SLCO-CR has been providing sign interpretation services in some ApL courses covering a wide range of subjects such as Animal Care, Exercise and Fitness Coaching, Fundamental Cosmetology, Health Care Practice, Interior Design, Computer Game and Animation Design, Western Cuisines, Dancing, and Applied Psychology.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing students can apply for ApL courses interpretation services before each school year starts. Please contact us for service details, service charges and application details.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing students who are financially in need can apply for interpretation fee reduction. Please contact us for more details.

Government / Public affairs Interpretation

SLCO-CR interpreters are capable of handling common languages including Cantonese, English and Putonghua, which are used in public events.

Since 2018, we have been interpreting in different events related to the government and public affairs –

  • A Panel meeting in the Legislative Council
  • Public consultation sessions and thematic seminars of the review of Hong Kong Rehabilitation Programme Plan
  • Press conferences by government bureaux
  • Internal seminars by government bureaux
  • Meetings

Government bureaux and departments are welcome to contact us for arranging sign interpretation services in your events.

Human rights and Advocacy related Interpretation

Since 2017, we have been actively interpreting in events related to human rights and advocacy. Below are our experiences in the field –

  • Roundtable meetings
  • Seminars and talks
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Press conferences
  • Openhouse events
  • Interviews

If your organisation would like to arrange interpretation services in your event, please contact us for details.

Business Interpretation

SLCO-CR also provides professional Cantonese/English – Hong Kong Sign Language Interpretation services for different business cooperates. We have interpreted in –

  • Internal training
  • Lunch time seminars
  • Conferences

Cooperates are welcomed to contact us for more details if you would like to arrange sign interpretation in your events.


Apart from the above mentioned discourses and settings, we also have the experience in –

  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Workshops
  • Interest classes, leisure and cultural activities
  • Sports competitions
  • Theology seminars
  • Meetings
  • Human library
  • Talks (Mental health, Mindfulness)
  • Sign interpretation filming for video clips and advertisements

If you would like to arrange sign interpretation in your events, please contact us for more details.

Interpretation involving foreign sign language

We had provided sign interpretation services which involved the use of foreign sign languages (Japan Sign Language, American Sign Language) before.

Please feel free to contact us for service details if you would need to arrange sign interpretation service involving the use of a foreign sign language.