Service Process


Elderly Hearing Health Seminar
The seminar aims to enhance the knowledge and awareness of the elderly and caregivers about ageing hearing loss.The elderly can learn about the cause of hearing deterioration and how to adapt to changes of their hearing ability to take preventive measures as soon as possible. Caregivers can also learn the feelings and needs of the elderly.


Hearing Screening and Counselling Service for the Elderly
It aims to provide preliminary hearing screening and counselling for the elderly. The elderly who failed the test may further seek our assistance in choosing assistive devices.

AHL workshop 2

Communication Workshop
The workshop introduces different ways of communication which help the elderly improve their daily communication and avoid misunderstanding through effective communication


Assistive Device Pairing Service
We will introduce different types of assistive devices and help the elderly choose suitable ones according to their needs.

Service target: The elderly, caregivers or those in need

SLCO-CR has started providing elderly service for different organisations since June 2019, including –

Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service
Jockey Club Cadenza Hub
Jockey Club Institute of Ageing of The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Endeavourers HK Bert James Young Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

If you are interested in collaborating with us, or would like to have individual support, please feel free to contact us via 2385 2577 or