With the endorsement of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong and the support of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI), we organized fundraising events at parishes under OMI in 2022 and 2023 to raise fund for the Sign Bilingualism and Co-enrolment Education (SLCO) Programme at Oblate Primary School and Notre Dame College. Beneficiaries of the SLCO Programme, including deaf students, their parents, and deaf teachers of the programme, shared their personal stories and the positive impacts brought by the Programme at the end of the masses. They also collected donations after the masses and helped in the charity sale booth with other volunteers.

In 2023, the event was split into two separate weeks due to adverse weather conditions. Although there were masses being canceled, we still received heartwarming support from the churchgoers.  We are grateful for the generous donations from churchgoers of the OMI parishes during the events as well as follow-up donations from individuals after the events. All related donations will be used for the employment of deaf and sign bilingual teachers to sustain the implementation of the SLCO Programme.

Donation Received

  • 2023 – 7 & 8 Oct (Notre Dame Chapel), 14 & 15 Oct (St. Alfred’s Church): HK$73,108.70
  • 2022 – 17 & 18 Sep (St. Alfred’s Church, Notre Dame Chapel and St. Eugene de Mozenod Mass Centre): HK$91,327.10
(2022) Deaf students, parents, volunteers and Fathers at St. Alfred’s Church
(2022) Deaf students, parents, volunteers and Father at Notre Dame Chapel
 (2022) Parents and deaf students sharing after mass
(2023) Deaf students collecting donations from churchgoers