Elderly Hearing Health Seminar

Content: Through talks and experiential activities, the seminar enhances participants’ knowledge in elderly hearing health, including the cause and effect of aging hearing loss, and introduces ways to face the change in hearing ability.

Service target: The elderly and caregivers.

Service Mode:


1) Face-to-face seminar

Trained staff will explain hearing health issues of the elderly and provide simple activities for participants to experience the effects of ageing hearing loss. It helps them understand possible scenarios and let caregivers grow empathy.

We can also design tailor-made activities upon request, for example holding an activity booth.

2) Online video seminar

An audiologist, a speech therapist and an instructor will explain hearing health issues of the elderly. An elderly person will also share her own experience so that participants can more easily understand the issues of ageing hearing loss. We can also tailor-made a question and answer session for organisations to test the understanding of the participants.

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