To promote sign bilingualism in communication, education and social inclusion; to create a diversified community without communication barrier.


  • To develop professional services for people and families in need based on empirical evidence in linguistic studies and front-line experience;
  • To allow people in need to enhance their language, cognitive, communicative and social abilities through sign bilingualism;
  • To enable people to communicate with sign language in order to improve mutual understanding;
  • To promote effective use of sign language and other visual aids in different educational settings to enhance learning abilities;
  • To provide value education, and to advocate acceptance, respect and appreciation for individual differences.

Core Values


We believe that everyone has the potential to become sign bilingual, and by using both signed and spoken language, it could improve the development of individuals.

We encourage deaf-hearing collaborations to promote deaf awareness and develop mutual understanding as to create an inclusive society. We also provide trainings for deaf people to enable them to utilise their experience and knowledge of sign language to support other groups in need, and to promote deaf-hearing collaboration in different projects.

We think ahead to cater to the needs of children and parents.

We serve, but we also learn, as professional enhancement is necessary to improve service quality.

We keep in contact with local and overseas academics as knowledge transfer can help improve our programmes.