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SLCO Community Resources Limited (SLCO-CR) was established in 2016 with the support of the Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Project Fund of The Chinese University of Hong Kong as an independent non-profit charitable organization to provide self-sustainable community services based on linguistics research, empirical evidence and experience in frontline services. The vision of SLCO-CR is to promote sign bilingualism in communication, education and social inclusion; to create a diversified community without communication barrier.

The flagship project of SLCO-CR is the "Fun with Sign and Speech – Early Sign Bilingual Development Programme", Hong Kong's only early intervention programme for deaf, hearing and special education needs children using both signed and spoken language as medium of instruction.

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【Interview】- Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Project Fund: Success Story

Thank you the Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services (ORKTS), CUHK’s “Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Project Fund” for supporting SLCO-CR and other NGOs to be founded, and enabling the research result of scholars and professors to benefit the general public in society.

《The story of SLCO-CR and other NGOs》

【Interview】 - 信徒語言學家鄧慧蘭 走入聾人無聲的世界

Thank you for the Catholic Hong Kong Diocese Weekly Newspaper to interview our founder, Prof. Gladys Tang, and introduce Deaf community and sign bilingualism to the readers.

《信徒語言學家鄧慧蘭 走入聾人無聲的世界》

【OSC 2021 beneficiary】 - Effective Signed Intervention (ESI) for Children with Special Education Needs (SEN)

Morgan Stanley will provide financial support to the project of SLCO - “Effective Signed Intervention (ESI) for Children with Special Education Needs (SEN)”, targeting the SEN children, including autism and intellectual disability, by hosting classes and storytelling sessions conducted in sign and spoken language, as well as providing parent training to promote the importance of sign bilingualism. The organization expects 1600 SEN children can be benefitted from the project.

《Sign bilingualism: Hong Kong charity aims to boost education for children with hearing disabilities through sign, spoken language combination》

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